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Dental Consulting Experts, The Ledbetter Group

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Reviews from Dentists (practicing in Mississippi) who have benefitted from The Ledbetter Group's dental practice consulting program, since 1987.

Mississippi Client Testimonials for The Ledbetter Group

"In September of 2014, my business partner of seven years and I dissolved our partnership and I began a journey as the sole owner of Jackson Family Dentistry. My ex partner's wife had run the business part of the offices so being responsible for every facet of the business was new, exciting, and unnerving. I immediately saw a need to implement the correct systems to make my "new" office more patient friendly, employee driven, and as stress free as possible. I hired Russ to be my business consultant throughout that process and it was a wildly successful venture. Patient wait times almost disappeared, we scheduled an office-wide lunch break for the first time in the practice's history, and production increased while office morale was boosted. No matter your stage of life or occupation, everyone needs a coach to reach his/her full potential. I highly recommend you allow Russ to be your counselor in the business aspect of running a dental office and you will see immediate and long-lasting results."


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Dr. Andrew Jackson testimonial for Dental Consulting Experts, The Ledbetter Group

Dr. Andrew Jackson

Olive Branch, Mississippi

LSU School of Dentistry, 2007

Serving dentists in cities and small towns throughout the Southeast and Mississippi, including Hattiesburg, Jackson, Greenville, Oxford, Meridian and surrounding areas.

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