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Dental Consulting Experts, The Ledbetter Group
Increase New Dental Patient Flow, The Ledbetter Group

Increase New Patient Flow

Dental Consulting Experts, The Ledbetter Group

Improve Office Teamwork

Dental Consulting Experts, The Ledbetter Group

Reduce Management Stress

Dental Consulting Experts, The Ledbetter Group

Increase Dental Production

Dental Consulting Experts, The Ledbetter Group

Increase New Dental Patient Flow with The Ledbetter Group

Internal Marketing:

We have many proven marketing options for your office. You can choose an option that works for your office. Through exceptional customer service and patient care, we will ensure that the patient’s experience is memorable. By exceeding their expectations, your office will make them want to share their extraordinary experience with others. Word-of-mouth is invaluable in any business.

We offer a patient referrals reward program designed to make patients excited about the reward to themselves and also the benefit to their friends, family and co-workers. This program is easy to implement and has a very low cost.

Using both internal and external marketing techniques, The Ledbetter Group will increase new-patient flow into your Dental Office.

External Marketing: 

Today’s marketing has a big focus on digital. Whether a person finds you on a postcard, by word of mouth, or on Google, they will expect to be able to find your presence online. A professional, customized website is easier, more affordable, and more necessary than ever before.

We encourage every dentist to have a website for the benefit of their patients. We can suggest options, at an affordable price, to have a website that you will be proud of. Websites are crucial to the patient experience, making it easier to find your office and to reach you.  Also, where needed, we will provide options for a conservative, professional external marketing plan with maximum results for the least amount of money.

Dental Consulting Experts, The Ledbetter Group, TLG Web Design

Introducing TLG Web Design Services!

We now provide Web Design and Digital Solutions Services for your office. We know that a strong online presence is necessary for today’s successful businesses.

Have a Question for Us? We are happy to answer with no pressure.

You will speak directly to Russ, our Lead Consultant, who has over 30 years experience consulting with Dental Offices. You will receive a Free, Confidential, No-Pressure Analysis of your Dental Practice, giving you a clear idea of any unrealized profit.

Our small consulting group has successfully consulted with over 500 dentists, since 1987. You will never get passed to another consultant. Russ works personally with each client to achieve his or her goals.

Online Presence Management: 

In today's digital age, managing a strong online presence is critical for the success of your business. A well-crafted and actively maintained online presence serves as the your virtual first impression to potential customers. From social media platforms to websites and online reviews, businesses are constantly under the scrutiny of an online audience. Effectively managing this presence not only enhances brand visibility but also builds credibility and trust. Investing time and resources into a comprehensive online strategy is an essential component of modern business success.

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