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When I opened my own practice in 1998 I had experience in dentistry, but not management. I had both experienced employees in the front office and in the clinical area and felt that with their help we could effectively run the practice. After about two years of struggling, it was obvious that something was not working. That was when I was approached by Russ Ledbetter regarding his consulting services. We decided that we had nothing to lose since he guaranteed we would make back his consulting fee by between 500 to 900% in increased production if we followed his program. Implementation was difficult at first, since in general, employees do not like change. However, we stood our ground as owners of the practice and things began turning around quickly. A combination of improved customer service, improved office atmosphere, improved scheduling and most importantly improved management and practice measurement allowed us to become a profitable business. Thanks Russ!

Dr. Tim Needham testimonial for Dental Consulting Experts, The Ledbetter Group

Dr. Tim Needham

Eclectic, Alabama

Creighton University, 1992

Before I consulted with Russ, we were working harder. Russ showed us how to work smarter. Production has gone up by 40 to 50% and my staff is getting bigger bonuses. Not only has he boosted our production and collections, but he also coached me on how to be a better businesswoman - overall a happier person. We couldn't have done this without Russ' continuous support and foolproof system. In place, my practice is running much smoother and staff morale is higher.

Dr. Shivani Pandit testimonial for Dental Consulting Experts, The Ledbetter Group

Dr. Shivani Pandit

Oneonta, Alabama

University of North Carolina Dental School, 1992

I want to take this opportunity to thank you The Ledbetter Group for what you have done for our dental practice. It became evident that management changes and building a cohesive dental team had to come first and you led us in that direction. With your help, I was able to incorporate my partner into the practice and position him to be able to buy in and eventually take over our busy practice. Financial planning and financial sharing is now a focus, which we use to evaluate our progress and motivate our hard working staff. These changes were not easy but you and your team at The Ledbetter Group were there to guide us every step of the way. Thanks to you, we now have visual tools, which are easy for all of our staff members to use. They are able to visualize just how important it is to meet our daily and weekly goals. Also, the time comes in every dental practice to make plans to retire. I appreciate so much that you helped me to visualize my retirement goals. I look forward to a smooth transition when that time comes.

Dr. Bennie Evans testimonial for Dental Consulting Experts, The Ledbetter Group

Dr. Bennie Evans

Griffin, Georgia

Emory University, 1976

Dear Fellow Emory Classmates, I hope that all of you are well and continue to enjoy the practice of dentistry. My wife and I raised, educated and married-off three children, all in good health and look forward to more leisure time in the coming years. After twenty years in the Army, I settled in Newnan, Georgia, and opened a solo practice. The practice was very successful, but I knew I needed to position it for maximum return when the time came for a sale. Although I am generally leery of practice consultants, a friend, who had worked successfully with her, introduced me to Lois Ann Ledbetter. Lois Ann did a practice analysis for me in one day and felt that we could improve profits and better prepare the practice for sale over a relatively short time. We agreed on a one-year contract and began fine-tuning the practice. Production, collections and profit increased fifteen percent. The practice of dentistry became more pleasant and profitable than ever. It wasn't easy or cheap, but it worked. A year later, I sold the practice for substantially more than it was worth before. Lois Ann's efforts are appreciated and I now work part time and am free of administrative hassles. I don't know what your future plans are, but if you want to have a smoother running practice, increase profits and plan for retirement, I recommend Lois Ann's services to you.

Dr. Mike Threadgill testimonial for Dental Consulting Experts, The Ledbetter Group

Dr. Mike Threadgill

Newnan, Georgia

Emory University, 1976

I've been asked to describe my experiences with The Ledbetter Group Consulting. My goal in contracting with them was to fully utilize new office space and to position myself for the sale of my practice at retirement. Although, not an easy process, I am very pleased with the results. In addition to exceeding all my goals, I learned to manage my practice in a more business-like manner. Staff harmony has improved and our production has increased steadily. I must admit, I was initially skeptical of the idea of hiring a consulting firm, however, I couldn't be more pleased with the results I achieved with the help of The Ledbetter Group. I guess you can teach an old dog a new trick or two.

Dr. Mike Dingman testimonial for Dental Consulting Experts, The Ledbetter Group

Dr. Mike Dingman

Twin Falls, Idaho

Emory University, 1976

In September of 2014, my business partner of seven years and I dissolved our partnership and I began a journey as the sole owner of Jackson Family Dentistry. My ex partner's wife had run the business part of the offices so being responsible for every facet of the business was new, exciting, and unnerving. I immediately saw a need to implement the correct systems to make my "new" office more patient friendly, employee driven, and as stress free as possible. I hired Russ to be my business consultant throughout that process and it was a wildly successful venture. Patient wait times almost disappeared, we scheduled an office-wide lunch break for the first time in the practice's history, and production increased while office morale was boosted. No matter your stage of life or occupation, everyone needs a coach to reach his/her full potential. I highly recommend you allow Russ to be your counselor in the business aspect of running a dental office and you will see immediate and long-lasting results.

Dr. Andrew Jackson testimonial for Dental Consulting Experts, The Ledbetter Group

Dr. Andrew Jackson

Olive Branch, Mississippi

LSU School of Dentistry, 2007

We have been working with Russ and his team for almost a year now. The results speak for themselves. This is a professional, detail-oriented team with a consistent approach to improving the overall flow and productivity of a practice. I strongly encourage any pediatric or general dentist who has plateaued and is looking for that next level to reach out to Russ.

Dr. Ryan Colosi testimonial for Dental Consulting Experts, The Ledbetter Group

Dr. Ryan Colosi

Lake Wylie, South Carolina

University of Buffalo School of Medicine, 2007

The Ledbetter Group helped us set goals and implement systems that work. Having an office manual and a structure for scheduling has decreased office stress tremendously. We achieved a production increase well above what he promised. We now have time for lunch and rarely stay late in the evenings.

Dr. Chris Ferguson testimonial for Dental Consulting Experts, The Ledbetter Group

Dr. Chris Ferguson

Texarkana, Texas

Baylor University, 1996

I’ve been working with Russ more than a year and I can’t say enough about his professionalism and knowledge. I started working with him after months of research and talking to so many different big and small dental consulting companies and consultants and my previous experience of working with bigger company with no results. My dental office was plateaued and I didn’t think we have any room to grow, but he promised a monthly growth and delivered it within 6 months. I trust and respect his opinions so much that I ask him questions about all aspects of running my practice. Now even though I feel that my staff and office is energized, I can’t stop working with him, I still see result from his advise and recommend him to anybody looking for a competent and knowledgeable consultant.

Drs. Mina Dadkhah & Alireza Sharafi testimonial for Dental Consulting Experts, The Ledbetter Group

Drs. Mina Dadkhah & Alireza Sharafi

Alexandria, Virginia

University of Southern California School of Dentistry

Dental Consulting Experts, The Ledbetter Group, Inc.

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