While consulting with us, you will implement policies and procedures which significantly ease the stress of managing your dental practice (even while increasing your production).

You will benefit from:

  • Consistently scheduled highly productive and low stress days

  • Know and understand your numbers and how to make them improve

  • Confidence that everything that needs to be done IS done in your front office

  • Peace of mind that your patients are receiving excellent customer service every step along their way

  • Effective leadership and management training

  • Staff who are trained properly to:


Reduce the Stress of Managing your Dental Practice
  1. Schedule effectively

  2. Communicate at a high level

  3. Work as a team

  4. Work hygiene recall effectively

  5. Collect 98+%

  • A self-generating, highly-motivated and productive team who start behaving like partners, not employees

  • Systems implemented for a well-run, efficient front office

  • Decreased financial worries by increasing dental revenues for:

"The Ledbetter Group promised a $10,000 per month increase. They far exceeded that, increasing my practice by 45% while working fewer days!"

--Dr. Richard Straus, Columbus, Georgia

  1. Taking a larger salary

  2. Buying the latest equipment and technology

  3. Fully funding your retirement

  4. Retiring early or working because you want to, not because you need to

  5. Eliminating all debt; we have a system that eliminates ALL business and personal debt within 5 – 7 years for over 90% of our clients (no matter how much debt)

2010 - present

2010 - present