Dental production will increase an average of $18,000 per month ($215,000 per year) with our time-proven techniques.

While practicing dentistry, it can seem impossible to manage the daily processes of your dental office. Those same processes, managed poorly, cost the average dentist over $200,000 per year in missed income. Do you have the following thoughts about your dental office?

Signs of an Under-Performing Practice:

  • Too many broken appointments and no-shows

  • Frustration about not understanding and losing control of the business side of the practice

  • Not having the right systems in place for a well-run, productive and efficient front office

  • Too many busy, stressful days with low production

  • Too few easy, highly productive days

  • Staff who are not trained to effectively fill holes in the schedules for doctor and hygiene

  • Practice management issues that keep the dentist at work late or on weekends

  • Business and staff issues which interfere with the joy of practicing dentistry

  • Lost opportunities when patients 'fall through the cracks'; fall off the schedule; are not followed up with effectively

  • Worried too few of your patients are scheduled in hygiene

2010 - present

Our dental consulting includes the training and implementation needed to improve your dental practice. Read below to learn how The Ledbetter Group, Dental Consulting will streamline your practice, increasing the revenue flow of your dental office and reducing the stress of your day.

Increase the Profit in your Dental Practice

What We Do and How We Work...


The Ledbetter Group will work with you to help your practice meet its goals. The dentist and consultant will work together to create a list of goals which are tailored to your practice.

Our dental consulting includes:

  • Weekly coaching calls with the dentist.

  • A one-day team building seminar with you and your staff.

  • Three separate 3-day office visits from our Front-Desk Consultant to do hands on training of the front-office staff.  Includes scheduling, hygiene recall, financial arrangements, phone etiquette, collections, etc. (Total of 9 days)

  • We train your staff to schedule highly-productive, low-stress days, giving them 5 effective tools to do this reliably and consistently

  • We Train the dentist to improve case acceptance rate, with no change in method of diagnosis

  • Training the staff to collect 98-100% (See Collections)

  • Coaching the dentist to manage and lead effectively in the shortest amount of time

  • Implementing systems for a well-run, efficient and productive front office

  • Coaching the staff into a harmonious, motivated, productive and efficient team

  • Increasing new patients through internal referrals and (if desired) creating an effective, cost-efficient external marketing plan

  • Effective reactivation of patients who are overdue for their routine preventive maintenance

2010 - present

How We Increase Revenue


Being more productive isn't about being busier.  The saying 'work smarter not harder' is true.  We train your staff to build low-stress, highly productive days consistently through proper systems and teamwork.  Within 90 days, you will see more revenue per month (on average $18,000 more per month by the year’s end) as we transform your practice.


We cannot help every dentist, and we realize this. Our best results are frequently achieved in established practices with full schedules for the upcoming weeks.  Find out if you can you benefit from our services. Free Practice Assessment.

"...Our practice of dentistry has been more efficient, less stressful, and much more productive as a result of his training.  I highly recommend his services!"

--Dr. Jeff Worley, Opp, Alabama