Our training & consulting promotes an environment of good management & communication, which engenders teamwork among your staff (making it possible for you to feel less stressed).

Signs of staffing and management issues:

  • Frustration with staff on a regular basis

  • Staff, at first, abides by your requests, but then reverts to old behavior

  • Office gossip causes stress and conflict

  • Staff puts personal gain before the practice growth

  • Dentist's feeling that front office staff wastes time, instead of pro-actively taking projects

  • Mood of frustration and stress is prevalent throughout office

You cannot continue to grow your practice, if you are constantly being set back by personnel issues. You should be excited about your staff.  You should have the confidence that your staff is taking the very best care of your patients and that they are committed to the best interests of your practice. Successful dental practices (and businesses) need a cohesive team of goal-driven employees. Read below to learn more about how your staff should be operating.

Improve Teamwork in your Dental Practice

How Your Dental Office Team Should Operate


You have probably heard stories of successful teams, seen one first hand, or even

been a part of one. A cohesive and goal-driven team is key to the success of any venture, including your practice.


In successful dental practices everyone, from the receptionist to the dentist, can quickly and easily say what type of practice they are running and what the current goals are. The staff feels that their contribution is recognized and that the work they do is important. Arguing is at a minimum, because the individuals are focused on more important objectives.


There are thousands of successful dental practices across the country, and in each of those practices you will find a strong core team. The dentist and consultant will work together to pull your team together and work toward shared success. With the coaching of The Ledbetter Group, dental practice consulting, you will have a cohesive team that is driven toward growing your practice. Read on to understand how we will get you there.

How We Create Winning Teams


We can help you implement techniques and practices that will bring people together and inspire action. Staff and team issues can be difficult to diagnose, especially when you're the one surrounded by it. The dental consultant will spend time talking to your staff by phone and during your 1-day staff seminar. Your dental consultant, having a fresh perspective, will look through the surface of your practice to find the reason people are not performing as they should. Once we identify the issues, we work with you until the team is working smoothly. 

As we reduce tension, improve communication, and work with you on your leadership skills, you will notice a vast improvement in the mood in your office. You will be relaxed instead of stressed, and people will step up to suggest improvements and work towards a common goal. 


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