Do you get your production increases by recommending I do a fee increase?

Great question, and the answer is: absolutely not.  Actually, I highly recommend my clients not raise their fees while consulting with me so there is no confusion as to the cause of the increased revenues.  I work with many fee-for-service dentists as well as dentists who are heavy on insurance.  For a practice with 60-80% insurance PPO patients, a fee increase may increase their gross production but will result in very small increase in net production and collections.  We average $18,000 per month increase in collections without fee increases.

Do you get increases by coaching me on how to diagnose dentistry?

Definitely not, as that would be unethical.  I have never coached a dentist in how to diagnose dentistry.  You can never be successful long-term by cheating people. Diagnosing will always be a decision for the dentist, alone.  I will say that I coach my dentists on how to present treatment plans to be more effective and get more people to say yes, but I am not in any way involved in the treatment planning process.  I have been blessed to work with some of the most honest, ethical, and outstanding dentists in the country who are really good people.  I can assure you none of them would change the way they diagnose dentistry to make an extra buck.

What if I get a consultant I do not like or a new trainee that is not very experienced?

With our company that would not be possible.  Everyone gets me and Lana.  We are a small company so there are no new trainees, nor will there ever be.  I have been doing this for 31 years, since 1989.  Every testimonial on this website is about my clients’ experience with me and you are guaranteed to get me consulting you.

Will there be turnover in my staff if I hire you to consult my practice?

That is unlikely.  We are very staff friendly and know that we must win the staff over, because they are the ones who are going to produce the breakthrough in the practice’s productivity.  We give staff members every opportunity to be successful through excellent training and development.  To be honest, the vast majority of turnover or staff changes I have experienced were situations where my client knew going into the consulting that he had a weak link or bad apple.  Some of those situations ended in termination. However, some worked out and the staff member’s attitude shifted, and they became team players.  Unfortunately, the truth is that there are un-coachable, negative people out there and you do not want them on your staff, but you would most certainly have concerns about them already.  If you feel like you have a strong team then you should expect no turnover during or after the consulting process.  Staff, naturally, have trepidation in the beginning, but soon realize we are on their side too.  We practice Win/Win principles.  The doctor wins, the staff win, and the patients win.

What if I do not get results?

First, we offer a free analysis to make sure you have everything in place to achieve production increases. This eliminates those we cannot help.  If our analysis shows you do have potential to increase production, then the only way you would not see results is if you are un-willing to be coached.  Everything we recommend is ethical, orthodox, tried, true and proven.  So, you must be committed to making positive changes to get results in your practice.  Typically results can be seen in the first few months.  I will be honest, there have been rare occasions where there was someone weak or un-coachable on the doctor’s staff and the results didn’t come as quickly as usual, just delayed.

Do my staff and I have to travel to you?

Not at all.  We bring everything to you.  All consultants travel to you and your office.  We do in-office training while you are operating as normal so there is no lost production.  The best way to learn to ride a bike is by doing it, not sitting in a classroom or seminar talking about it. I do lead a team building, professional & effective communication, and breakthrough seminar which I mostly do on Fridays which are off days for 80% of my clients. If you do work 5 days a week, which is quite rare except for multi-doctor practices, then one production day would be lost for the seminar.