Collection of your production is crucial and will increase to 98% or higher with the hands-on, in-person training provided during our consulting.

Improve Collections in your Dental Office
  • Patient balances past 90 days are growing

  • A substantial amount of insurance outstanding past 30 days

  • Routine follow-ups are not made on insurance that is past 30 days

  • Accounts receivable is more than 1 times monthly average production

  • Staff either do not or cannot collect the co-pay at time-of-service

  • Financial arrangements are not made on every patient before they are scheduled

  • Over a 12 month period you collected less than 98% of NET (collectible) production


The real question is whether your current system is working for you. Many dental practices struggle with collections, but not every one. Below, read how we train your staff to improve your collections.

We can provide your front office staff with the right training to collect your billings. You should be paid for the work that you do.

Consider, If you are not collecting over 98% of what you produce: a 4% collections loss on an $80,000 per month practice is nearly $40,000 per year.  That is a substantial loss for anyone!  Signs of poor collections systems:

How We Improve Collections


In addition to the lead consultant, you will receive three scheduled visits from our very experienced Front-Desk Consultant. This consultant will visit your office three times, each time spending three days with your front office staff. The goal is to observe the staff and see the processes already in place. While in your office, the consultant will train your staff on our scheduling and collecting techniques. This training will include real-time coaching and implementation of the tools needed to achieve the improvements.

There can be many reasons why billings are not collected, and the symptom is often easier to see than the cause. That is why we take the time to really get to know the dentist, the staff, and the office procedures, to figure out exactly where adjustments need to be made. 

As we shore up your collections system, you’ll see an improvement in your collections numbers right away. Within a few months, you will recognize the difference and notice the increase in available cash.