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Dental Consulting Experts, The Ledbetter Group

What to Expect, while working with The Ledbetter Group...

Early in our consulting, we will work with the dentist to create a list of goals, which are tailored to your practice. Always included in these goals are Increase Production, Reduce Management Stress, Improve Teamwork, & Increase New Patient Flow. We will be committed to helping you meet those stated goals during the consulting period.

Our dental consulting includes:

  • Weekly coaching calls with the dentist

  • A one-day team building seminar with the dentist and staff

  • Three separate 3-day office visits (Total of 9 days) from our Front-Desk Consultant for hands-on training of the front-office staff  (includes scheduling, hygiene recall, financial arrangements, phone etiquette, collections, etc.)

  • Training your staff, in person, to schedule highly-productive, low-stress days, giving them 5 effective tools to do this reliably and consistently

  • Coaching the dentist to improve case-acceptance rate, with no change in method of diagnosis

  • Training the staff to collect 98-100%

  • Coaching the dentist to manage and lead effectively in the shortest amount of time

  • Implementing systems for a well-run, efficient, and productive front office

  • Coaching the staff into a harmonious, motivated, productive, and efficient team

  • Increasing new patients through internal referrals

  • Evaluating the effectiveness of existing marketing and (if desired) creating an effective, cost-efficient third-party marketing plan

  • Effective reactivation of patients who are overdue for their routine preventive maintenance


As stated before, the consultant and the dentist will establish a list of stated goals for the consultation period. These goals will likely include items which are not listed above.

Dental production will increase a minimum of $10,000 per month (average $18,000 per month) with our time-proven techniques.

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