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Being more productive is not about being busier.  We live by the saying 'work smarter not harder'. 


We will train your staff to build low-stress, highly-productive days, consistently. We will accomplish this through proper systems and teamwork.  Within 90 days, you will see more revenue per month, as we transform your practice. Our clients realize, on average, $18,000 more per month by the year’s end.

We cannot help every dentist, and we realize this. So, before you make any decisions, we will perform a free evaluation of your practice to ensure that there is potential for growth and improvement. Our best results are frequently achieved in established practices, with full schedules for the upcoming weeks.

After 30+ years of consulting with dentists’ offices, we know this:
While practicing dentistry, it can feel impossible to manage the daily processes of your dental office. Those same processes, managed poorly, cost the average dentist over $200,000 per year in missed income. Do you have the following thoughts about your dental office?

  • I really should find a way to:

  • eliminate all those broken appointments and no-shows

  • gain control of the business side of my practice

  • implement better systems for a well-run, productive, and efficient front-office

  • eliminate overly-busy, stressful days that result in low production

  • achieve more days that are easy and highly-productive

  • train my staff to (or hire staff that) proactively & effectively fill holes in the schedule for doctor and hygiene

  • minimize management issues that keep me at work late or on weekends

  • minimize business and staff issues, which interfere with the joy of practicing dentistry

  • keep patients from falling through the cracks, falling off the schedule, or being forgotten

  • ensure hygiene-retention and hygiene follow-up

Our dental consulting includes the training and implementation needed to achieve these goals in your dental practice.

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