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Increase New Patient Flow

Our dental consulting will increase new-patient flow into your dental office using both internal and external marketing techniques.

Internal Marketing:
We have scores of ideas for you to pick and choose from, which make the patient’s experience memorable. They won't be able to keep it to themselves. By exceeding their expectations your office will make them want to share their extraordinary experience with others.

We have a patient referrals reward program designed to make patients excited about the reward to themselves and also the benefit to their friends, family and co-workers.

External Marketing: 

Websites have a dual purpose. The obvious goal is to attract new patients.  The other is to provide a first step for prospective patients to see your dental office before actually picking up the phone and calling.   Effective websites must have 3 components to draw new patients.  Unfortunately, the vast majority of dentists only have 1 of the 3.

If desired, your consultant will provide a conservative, professional external marketing plan with maximum results for the least amount of money.  

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