Our Dental Consulting service has grown to include every state in the southeast, beginning in Alabama. Most of our clients hear about us by word of mouth. We have worked with more than 100 dentists in Alabama, and many more in neighboring states. Even if your schedule is full, we can make strategic changes that will increase your profit without raising your fees. All while reducing your stress.

Russ Ledbetter, Dental Practice Management Consultant since 1989

Russ Ledbetter, Dental Consultant since 1989

"I take pride in working only with dentists I can help and not wasting the time or money of those I cannot."     ---Russ Ledbetter

  • More than 70 Dentist Testimonials

  • 400+ Ledbetter Group successes

  • Return on Investment Exceeds 500%

  • Decisions about Dentistry Remain with the Doctor

  • Results do not Require Increase in Fees

  • Almost 30 Years in Dental Consulting

  • Less Stress AND Increased Profit